How to Clean Your Home Efficiently

It might be too late for you to realize that you’re cleaning your house the wrong way. If you’re unsure, check how maids in hotel rooms do it. They’ll spray a cleaning solution on every surface, let it stand for a while, then wipe everything off. Suddenly, everything seems clean again. But that’s just one way of doing the job. There are many other ways to do it right. 

The point is, professional cleaners know exactly what to do to make your house look great again. They know the tricks of the business, so to speak. You can hire three different companies to come and clean your home on different occasions and check the results. What you’ll notice first is that their cleaning supplies are different from the ones that you use. 

Housecleaning Tips and Tricks  

A lot of homeowners clean their houses room by room. That’s a mistake because it’s the slower way to doing things. Note how many hours you need to clean a single room and compare it to how professional home cleaners clean your entire home. It’s going to be almost the same. One of the biggest housecleaning mistakes is to focus on just one area of the house instead of having a plan on how to clean the whole of it. 

The pros prefer to do things through a task cleaning method. It’s all about finishing the entire job at once. Your tasks include dusting the whole room, before going to the next one. You should do more walking instead of just focusing on one area. Things get completed faster if you’re in motion. If you want to know how professional cleaners can make housecleaning seems easy, here’s how they do it.   

  1. Dusting

Removing dust in rooms means wiping the top furniture and shelves. You should also wipe the handrails, picture frames, and TV screens, among others. Dry dusting is better than getting things wet because, at that state, dirt becomes harder to remove. Use warm water to dampen a clean rag to wipe away fingerprints. 

  1. Clean all surfaces 

All the surfaces in your household need to be cleaned. That will include all furniture, mirrors, and counters. Don’t forget to wipe all the spots that are held with the hand, such as light switches, door handles, telephones, and remote control. These are the things that people tend to forget yet they are the ones that have most germs.  

  1. Always clean the bathroom and kitchen. 

When cleaning your home, never skip the kitchen and bathroom. Allot at least 15 minutes in cleaning and disinfecting them. Use a spray cleaner on the sinks, tubs, and toilets. Scrub them clean as necessary. Do the same with some of your kitchen appliances, such as the microwave and oven.  

  1. Clean the floors. 

After cleaning the room, don’t forget to sweep the floor. You should also mop and scrub after sweeping. Start from the bathroom, then the kitchen, and all the way to all other rooms of your home. If you ever need help in doing all of these, don’t hesitate to request for a professional cleaning service Santa Rosa 


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